Au Courant Line Ease Serum

Au Courant Line Ease Serum

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Ease microtension that leads to wrinkles
Gives a visible lift to tired, tense skin in seconds
Noticeably relax surface lines - without toxins
Target correction where you need it - not just between your brows
Super concentrated serum is effective on the following conditions:
• Expression lines
• Lines and wrinkles due to aging
• Lacking firmness
• Tired, tense skin

Directions: Apply liberally around the eyes, mouth and other wrinkle prone areas. Follow with moisturizer.
For noticeable firming in seconds, do not use with oil based products. Do not smile or other wise move
surface skin until product is dry.
Line- Ease Serum Concentrate should be applied to skin before moisturizer at the end of the facial.
1.12 ounces (30ml) $49.00
Action Ingredients:
Sweet Almond Extract: almond proteins help remodel skin's surface to visibly lift and smooth wrinkles and fine lines.
Hibiscus Escluentus (Okra) Extract: Complex helps relax away lines and wrinkles from repetative facial movements and stress.
Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B 12) : Increase cell energy.
Ergothioneine: A natural antioxidant amino acid that helps counteract damage from oxidant stress.